Kathy Kennedy wants everyone to experience the joy of singing. She has founded many different choral groups, and united thousands of people in song. In 2005-6 she formed the Higher Ground ensemble, uniting men and women from all walks of life, singing in hospitals and seniors residences. The Life Stories project from Concordia University invited her to arrange and direct songs from Egypt, Iran, Peru, and other countries for its participants in 2011. In 2013 she was asked to create the Naada Yoga Centre Community Choir, blending world music and contemporary, improvisatory styles. Again, in response to an expressed need, she created the event Urgence Chantée, uniting people through pop songs in french and english, arranged in simple harmonies.

outside Leonard Cohen’s house, nov. 12, 2016
Naada Community Choir 2013
Higher Ground 2011
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