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Kathy Kennedy is a sound artist with formal training in classical voice and visual art. Her practice is a lifelong study of the voice and its interface with technology, identity and public space. She has been deeply involved in community art, and is a founder of the digital media center for women in Canada, Studio XX (now known as Ada X), as well as the innovative choral group for women, Choeur Maha. Her large-scale sonic installation/performances for up to 100 singers and radio, called “sonic choreographies” have been performed internationally. She is currently on faculty at Concordia University, lectures and gives workshops on improvisation, listening, acoustic ecology and vocal empowerment.

“Kennedy’s audio skills are masterful, specializing in vocals, her compositions are visionary”

MIX Magazine, 2001

Her solo performances include a high level of improvisation and immersion. Her installations are subtle environments that invite and incite the listener to go deeper.

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Kathy Kennedy

Montréal, QC, Québec

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