Beautiful women singing among flowers

September 16, 2018

The entire performance of Incantata Floralis composed for les Jardins de Métis (Reford Gardens in 2015) is now available online.

Incantata Floralis is a suite of songs composed by Kathy Kennedy, directed by Shannon Harris, and performed by Choeur Maha.

Shannon Harris‘ gorgeous video for the Incantata Floralis project is a must-see!

Please check out Shannon’s full video over on her Vimeo Channel: Incantata Floralis performed by Chœur Maha written and directed by Kathy Kennedy

“Incantata Floralis is a song cycle for choir and radio, written by Kathy Kennedy specifically for Les jardins de Métis (Reford Gardens in Métis, Qc.) The gardens were created by Elsie Reford in 1926 and span approximately 45 acres. The lyrics are composed of the names of the gardens’ flowers in French, English and Latin. Some pieces are a cappella , but several of them are accompanied by luscious soundtracks with rich instrumentation co-produced by Tom Mennier. Twenty-five women of Montréal feminist choir, Choeur Maha, performed Incantata Floralis in the gardens in August 2015. The video, Incantata Floralis is a creative documentation of that performance.”

Shannon Harris

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  1. Carrie Gates Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous! ❤️

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